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The Artsy Wagon Experience

Meet our On-the-Go Art Studio.

Now events and workshops can happen in front or inside of our new "Art Truck", in your backyard, in front of your home, or at a park nearby.


To book email of fill a request below:


Artsy events for all ages and abilities.
100% customizable to the space, age, and theme of the event.

We bring the ARTsy to you so you and your children, friends,  family or significant other can create masterpieces to put up on your wall. All children MUST be accompanied by an adult. 

Activities can include: arts & crafts, painting, printing, sculpting or creating mix media, among many others.
Occasions we cater: Birthdays Parties, Special Occasions, Get together, Play Dates, Fundraisers, ​Corporate & Team Building, Holiday Event, etc.

What are you looking for? Click below and learn more:
Events for Kids
Events for Adults
Workshops and Pop-Ups

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