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The Artsy Wagon and our TEAM

The Artsy Wagon has been an idea many years in the making, which mixes all the owner's passions in one company.


Ana Miro is a Puerto Rican artist and educator, based in LA for the last 7 years. Growing up with a few developmental delays of her own and daughter to an early childhood education specialist, she was introduced to art and dance classes from a very young age. Anything to help her concentrate and re-direct her high-energy onto something productive and fun. She made it a life goal to get as much training as possible in both art and dancing techniques. She attended a Specialized Art High School and earned a BA in Theater Arts with a minor in Special Education and Dance Education. The arts became way of life, helped her surpass all stepping stones and shaped her into the balanced person she is today.  


She started working with children at the age of 14, and has never stopped since.  She has taught, dance, art, theater to all ages, for the past 18 years. After college, she moved to LA believing she could make the Arts her life career. Her dream always was to open an integrated art school for all ages and abilities. After years of working community and family events, and art-on-the-go programs for the Zimmer Children's Museum, Ana decided to finally venture out on her own...and that's how The Artsy Wagon came to be. 


"There was no pressure to be perfect...just to CREATE!"



"Loved the energy! It's a great team building experience for both children and adults."



I am a neat freak, I was really nervous about opening my home to a bunch of kids under 10 and the mess they would make. Ana was so respectful and considerate leaving our house cleaner than when she arrived. HIGHLY recommend!

I would encourage this experience for my kids again.



Upcoming Events
Galactic edition paint party 2.jpg

Wine & Paint

Saturday May 16, 2020

5pm (LA Time)

8pm (NY, LA, PR)

Donation will be accepted at the end of the event

Don't have materials, NO WORRIES we have you covered

Acrylic Starter kits

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Check weekly for updates


To be a part of our free Wednesday morning Art Classes for ages 3 & up

No upcoming events at the moment
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